you spin me round…

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I went to a girls night last night and had a great time. however, we got to dinner and I took my prometrium about 1/2 hr before dinner and then we had to wait for a table… I got so incredibly dizzy waiting and went to get a coke from the bar. the meds have been making me dizzy about 1 hr after taking… each time, but this was the worst. I felt drunk and my walking even furthered tha illusion!!! my girlfriend gave me trail mix to eat and that was a life saver. within an hour I was back to normal. I do not like the way it makes me feel, whether I eat or not but that was pretty scary. I’m nervous about being on it if I’m pg but I’m willing to deal with it to have a baby. keep my eye on the prize and spinning round doesn’t seem like such a trial.




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I’m just frustrated. I’m trying not to think about it, but it’s so hard. I’m really trying not to sound like a whiny brat bc I know there are so many people that have been trying and waiting longer than us… but I’m frustrated bc I can’t wait.

According to my handy dandy calendar printout, I’m supposed to test mon and tues next week. todays friday. yes, I know its early and I realize full well that the chance of anything being there and the hormone showing up on the pregnancy test isn’t likely, I still had to try.

of course it was negative. I’ve been feeling fine… constant pressure down there… not even bloating really, but just that I’m very aware of where my ovaries and uterus are. more so than cycles before the meds. and I have no idea if that’s a good sign or not. I need to not stress and not worry, and I’m not really doing either, but I’m just frustrated. I’ve been staying positive and decided that I’m just going to believe that I’m pregnant and act such so I give my body all those positive vibes.

some days are easier than others.


waiting game…

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I’m not good at waiting.  I don’t have much patience – except with kids.  I have oodles of patients when it comes to kids.  The rest of life – np patience or very little.  So here I am waiting to know if I’m pg or not.  We did everything by the book – to exhaustion, actually :-). But fun making each other tired and enjoying the time together – DH was off several days before vacation, then vacation & then after.  So we truly do have the best odds getting pregnant that we’ve ever had.  That we may ever have.  He was off every single day we were supposed to have sex and it seems that my body cooperated.  We shall see.  I know that still doesn’t mean we’ll get pregnant this month, but I can’t help hoping & praying… I really have my hopes up for this month – for the first time in a long time.  And I’m trying ot prepare that it may not happen, b/c I know the odds can be against us… but I am keeping the faith… and hating the waiting game all the while.


feelin’ hot hot hot

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I’m not ready for menopause. definitely not… however the hot flashes I’ve experienced with the estrogen meds… pretty comical.

anyone that knows me would be shocked at MY initiative to turn the air conditioning in the car so high that my husband is the coldy cat!!! he even joked that I was going to freeze him out!! I am always the one in jeans and a sweatshirt, coupled with my sandals bc my feet get warm but that’s it. I’m glad to be done with the estrogen as well now.

the little I did read about the meds made me nervous so I stopped. apparently the meds aren’t approved for maintaining a pregnancy and preventing miscarriage though they are commonly prescribed to so just that. the estrogen and progesterone are meant to help make the uterus the best possible environment to sustain a pregnancy. however, these are the same drugs used in HRT and can be linked to cysts, cancer, etc. meds make me nervous. but I’m willing to give all this a shot to have a baby. I’m keeping the faith and staying positive, but anytime you mess with meds, its a little unnerving… at least to me. I really wanted to go to the holistic fertility center and do yoga herbs and such during this time… at least for this first cycle, but timing wise that just didn’t work out. I’m going to believe that I’m pregnant this month 🙂 and that I will then go there for support during the pregnancy. I also know if its the case that we move on to the next month, the holistic side of things is a huge priority for me. I also desparately need the support group bc the amount of women pregnant around us continues to climb… and I’m feeling a little left out of life with my friends that have kids. but that’s for another post, another night.


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I’ve never been one to get bloated during my period. for the most part, I have a heavy and miserable first 2 days, but then the next 2 days aren’t too bad… however, after 3days of clomid, that evening I woke up with such pain in my abdominal region… I was NOT a happy camper. I didn’t have any other sides effects except that… and every night, it started about 1/2 hr after taking the meds. I am glad to have that over with.


day 4

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I decided to take the clomid at night to help prevent side effects.  Last night was my first pill, and though I did wake up in the evening with abdominal cramping, I still have the end of my period, so I can’t say it was just the meds!  I’m sure it added to my discomfort a little, but not too bad.  However, I have a wicked headache & am planning on heading to bed early.  Dreaming of baby dust for many…


just a spoonful of sugar…

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helps the medicine go down?  here it goes… first round of clomid – initiated!!! 

I heard from several people that taking it in the evening is the way to go to avoid side effects… so that’s what we’re doing.  I just took my first pill this evening, day 3 of my cycle.  Aunt flo came in the evening on Wednesday, so I think that should be fine.  We shall see.  I’m a little nervous but trying to relax.  I was actually very relieved once I got my period b/c the waiting was for the birds, and I felt extremely crabby and agitated for the last week or so, and my back kept hurting as if I was going to get my period, so NOT getting it was very frustrating.  I’ll try to keep tabs on things here… baby dust baby dust….


the waiting game

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so I’m waiting for stupid aunt flow to come. I took a pg test this past weekend. negative. that’s fine. I’m trying to just stay optimistic, but this waiting game sucks. especially when I’ve been feeling like I’ve been getting my period for the last several days.. not fun at all. and I can’t help but then wish I was pg, even when I’m sure I’m not and it just gets to be a terrible circle of events. I am not patient. I’m trying terribly hard… sleep I must. good night.


clomid… clo-mood?

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I read something today that called clomid ‘clo-mood’ and thought that was funny. I’m not sure just how funny that will be in a little bit, but we shall see. we met with my obgyn and I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of time she spent with us discussing our options. my husband’s doctor suggested that since his counts were good, we might just want to try IVF. not so fast!! that scared us a little, so it was nice when my doctor went through the several options we have before spending $15,000 we don’t have! even better is that we’re going to try clomid and two other meds combined before we’re referred to the RE. This is good for many reasons… we do not have to shell out $500 for the consultation yet, part of the meds are covered under our insurance, and I get to stay under her care for the time being. Trust is a big issue for me and I appreciate her bedside manner, knowledge and honest talk. my husband and I both left feeling re-energized, focus, and dare I say hopeful again? it’s been a long couple of months and it was taking a toll on us. it’s still not easy and I don’t feel like we have clear answers, but perhaps it’s not answers we need at this point… it’s simply possibilities that can make a world of difference.


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so my hsg is over and I’m very glad. I had read what people posted… everything from that they barely felt anything to it was worse than labor. for me, it was definitely uncomfortable and my pain was probably somewhere in the middle. I’m sure labor will hurt more, and I know it was worse than cramps during my period. however, it was worth everything to have my doctor tell me my tubes were clear and my uterus was beautiful… whatever than means. I hurt that day and whoever told me to take ibprofen every four hrs the night before and the day of, as well as the day after… well, I thank God for that advice because I know it made a difference!! the valium I got was 5mg and did very little that morning. so on to the follow up…

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